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Toledo City Council wants Lake Erie declared impaired

October 19, 2017

Toledo City Council Tuesday approved a resolution urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to designate the western basin of Lake Erie impaired — a move already made by other officials including the Lucas County Commissioners and Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

Council voted 11-1 in favor of the resolution.

Councilman Peter Ujvagi, who sponsored the council resolution, said it is critical that government...

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State department settlement: over 66,000 Dead Fish –

October 11, 2017

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said Tuesday it has completed its investigation into three separate cases of illegal manure-spreading that resulted in 66,701 fish and possibly other animals being killed in the Maumee River watershed in August.

The department is seeking a total of $32,782.87 in restitution, Matt Eiselstein, Ohio DNR spokesman, said.

The Ohio DNR’s investigation is apparently one of...

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Stench Alert October 2, 2017

October 3, 2017

Stench Alert October 2, 2017

Exceptionally stinky dry solids manure application (Briskey) over several days, Posey Lake Hwy. and Valentine Drive, Posey Lake. ECCSCM received 2 neighbor complaints about this.

Windy day, dust and manure particulates flying everywhere.  Tanker fan-spraying liquid manure on Packard Rd., between...

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Miles of Algae Covering Lake Erie – New York Times

October 3, 2017

A potentially harmful algae bloom covered more than 700 square miles in the western basin of Lake Erie last week, turning the lake bright green and alarming residents and local officials.

Scientists say that algae blooms have been a growing problem for Lake Erie since the 2000s, mostly because of the extensive use of fertilizer on the...

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September Stench: Hazardous hydrogen sulfide, methane, & ammonia gases for neighbors

October 2, 2017

September 28, 2017

Hartland dragline manure operation on newly-harvested corn field, SE corner of Hughes Hwy. and Beecher Rd., Hudson Township.  (Raisin/Lake Erie watershed).  No more growing crop, nothing left to irrigate, nothing left to fertilize.  Just spewing. Up, down, back and forth, here, there, everywhere.

Up the hill …

Then, down the hill …

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Spread of Lake Erie algae raises alarm across region

September 28, 2017

Toledo — For nearly a week, the Maumee River that runs through the downtown has looked like the Chicago River after it’s dyed for St. Patrick’s Day.

An algal bloom has turned the river, western edge of Lake Erie from here up to Canada florescent green, alarming residents and prompting local officials to lobby the Environmental Protection Agency...

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Toledo mayor Mayor Hicks-Hudson now wants Lake Erie declared impaired

September 28, 2017

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson reversed course Tuesday and announced she would support the effort to get Lake Erie's western basin declared impaired because of excessive algae.

The mayor made the announcement in Middlegrounds Metropark on the banks of the Maumee River, which was a blend of dark and near-florescent green.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department issued a recreational public health advisory because...

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Humid, 90+degrees, foul stench hangs in the air in all directions around our CAFO

September 23, 2017

Sept. 22, 2017

Humid, 90+degrees, foul stench hangs in the air in all directions around our CAFOs. Water in Lake Erie’s Raisin and Maumee headwater tributaries up here in Michigan, ditches, creeks, streams, rivers, is green everywhere. Bright green, dark green, light green, blue green. Green scum, blue scum, green slime, green foam.

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Lake Erie algae ashore in Point Place (photos of impact to fish & Toledo neighborhood)

September 21, 2017

Green algae is evident in Lake Erie on the shores of Point Place at the end of 113th Street on Wednesday.

Warning: 8 Disturbing photos of impact on fish, property values, and neighborhood life style.



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Algae making its way into the Maumee River from Lake Erie

September 21, 2017

On Tuesday green algae could been seen almost at a standstill on top of the Maumee River. That is the algae that releases the microsystin toxins. We normally see this dense algae out on Lake Erie.

But some are wondering why are we seeing it this far into the Maumee?

Biologists from Bowling Green State University said it is not unrealistic to have an...

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