CAFO Watch

CAFO Watch

ECCSCM does its best to monitor possible pollution from CAFO activities in south central Michigan including Lenawee and Hillsdale counties. There are even a few from Ohio that we are able to track. Below you will find photos of many of those CAFOs.


Bakerlads Dairy CAFO – Clayton. MI

Bleich Dairy CAFO

Bleich Dairy CAFO – Hudson, MI

Hudson_Dairy - Hudson, MI

Hudson Dairy CAFO – Hudson, MI


Camden Dairy CAFO – Waldron, MI

Legend_Dairy CAFO

Legend Dairy CAFO – Medina, MI

Hartland Dairy CAFO

Hartland Dairy CAFO – Clayton, MI

Medina Dairy CAFO

Medina Dairy CAFO – Hudson, MI

Terrahaven CAFO

Terrehaven CAFO – Adrian, MI


New Flevo Dairy CAFO – Adrian, MI

Halliwill CAFO – Adrian, MI

Hoffland CAFO – Clayton, MI


White Hog CAFO – Hudson, MI

State Line Farms

State Line CAFO – Morenci, MI

Detailed information about these CAFOs is available in the map below, including animal count, total manure generated, illegal discharges, and subsidies. Click on  rectangle (top right of map window) to expand the map, then select the CAFO site name for details.