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Harmful algal blooms cause problems in Lake Erie; drinking water customers pay the price

May 25, 2022

Adrian Drinking Water Study Results released: Wayne State University, 2/13/22

February 14, 2022

Adrian, Michigan February 13, 2022

Wayne State University has sent letters, including test results and a project summary, to participants in the Adrian Water Study, a 2019 project to test home tap water samples in the City of Adrian’s drinking water distribution system for the presence of Microcystis Aeruginosa (harmful algae), a species of cyanobacteria, and two of the...

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Crappy New Year!

January 16, 2022

 January 9 – 15, 2022

Same story, different day.  CAFOs’ way of saying “Crappy New Year!” 

Applying CAFO waste on frozen, snow-covered, or saturated ground is one of the worst possible practices because of the potential danger to surface water.  None of the fields pictured have cover crops, there’s no growing crop in the field so there’s absolutely no agronomic reason for...

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Michigan issues Lake Erie watershed plan to curb harmful algal blooms

January 10, 2022

David Panian, The Daily Telegram

ADRIAN — State officials last month released a management plan for improving Lake Erie water quality, but environmental groups say the plan is flawed.

The adaptive management plan is part of efforts in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario to reduce the number of harmful algal blooms that happen in...

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Loch Erin version (and everyone for miles around)!

January 4, 2022

Thanks to NFD (New Flavo Dairy).  Stinky, nasty cowshit application on the north side of Teachout Rd between Springville and Gilbert Highways, Wolf Creek/South Branch Raisin watershed (an E. coli TMDL watershed), upstream from Lake Adrian, the City of Adrian’s drinking water reservoir. 

Wind from the south at 10 mph carries the awful stench so it can blanket homes...

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Farm Bureau Contested Case Challenge to Michigan’s 2020 NPDES CAFO General Permit – Michigan Farm Bureau, et al.; Docket No. 20-009773

January 4, 2022

Michigan Surface Waters at Risk – 2020 Michigan NPDES CAFO Permit Revisions Threatened

Livestock waste in Michigan’s surface water makes our inland lakes, streams, and our Great Lakes undrinkable and unsafe for recreation. Pathogens and parasites in livestock manure make people and animals sick.  Excess nutrients, especially phosphorus, from livestock manure destroy streams, cause fish kills, and help cause dangerous toxic...

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August is here. The Poop Days of Summer.

August 12, 2021

August is here.  The Poop Days of Summer

August 9, 2021

Manure slathered on the ground during the day, rain falls at night. The collective Hershey squirts from the 13 CAFOs we monitor always ramps up this time of year, with the big dump peaking in late fall. You can smell “dairy air” stench from Adrian to west of the Hillsdale county...

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The misbegotten promise of anaerobic digesters – The Counter

March 9, 2021

by Jessica McKenzie

Federal agencies and state governments are spending millions on anaerobic digesters to wring renewable energy from animal poop. But critics say “cow power” from factory farms is neither clean nor green.

At a glance, anaerobic digesters seem like the perfect solution to one of society’s many messes: They take the waste from cows, pigs, and...

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Stench Alert for Branch/Hillsdale border – Our house smells so bad…

August 16, 2020

EMAIL RECEIVED 12:49am - August 16 - (non-verified)

Please advise who I contact regarding the horrific  stench we are being forced to deal with on the Branch/Hillsdale Co line from a dairy farmer who claims he’s exempt from the 48 hour rule & refuses to incorporate the manure in.  Our house smells so bad we cannot breathe or...

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Stench Alert for Lime Lake – Hudson MI

July 25, 2020

Stench filled the air Friday evening just north of Lime Lake as White Farms decided it would be good idea to spread CAFO hog waste right before and during the weekend. Not sure the value of spreading CAFO waste on a field that appears to not have a crop planted. Odor level 8 on scale of 10. Lake residents hoping...

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