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Sh*t, Sh*t, and more Sh*t.

September 14, 2019

Apparently the practice of fan casting of CAFO sh*t is back and going strong.

20190807_001 20190807_002


Photos above taken August 7, 2019. Hillsdale County, Prattville Rd, west of Pittsford Rd.

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Dogs Are Dying in Water Across America – and Here’s Why

August 26, 2019

24/7 Wall Street - Douglas A McIntyre

The State of New Jersey recently warned people not to swim in Lake Hopatcong, the state’s largest lake. In fact, people have been told not to touch it. Large parts of Lake Erie, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world, are unsafe for dogs to swim...

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It’s Back … or Did It Ever Leave?

July 18, 2019

July 18, 2019
Canandaigua Rd., Medina Twp., (Bean/Tiffin/Maumee).  Lights, generator back in wetlands origin of Covell Drain (to Bean Creek).  See aerial photos taken 5.31.2019 for a birds' eye view of this.  We thought this was supposed to be removed.  Was it?  Or was it removed, and returned?  State of Michigan...

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Get ready Lake Erie – it never stops!

July 10, 2019

July 10, 2019

Just in time for the Big Event, the Lake Erie Harmful Algae Bloom forecast.  ECCSCM is here to tell everyone that the Michigan portion of the WLEB is doing its best to keep the manure rolling along, just like every other year.  Not as many fields planted?  Too bad.  Manure farmers produce crap 24/7 so their...

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Endless Summer = Endless Sh*t

June 27, 2019

We're deep in the heart of hot, humid, Stench Season, here in CAFO Country.  So much rain, so much untreated livestock sewage.
Overheard in grocery store, Onsted, Michigan ("Gateway to the Irish Hills"):  "What stinks?  Is that cowsh*t?  Don't they ever stop?"  Response:  "I know, right?  I can smell it in my house."
The wind was coming from the south.  About 4...

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What the Birdie Sees

May 31, 2019

ECCSCM has been concerned about the recent heavy rains and some things we’ve been seeing from the road, so we sent Lighthawk up into the air to get some aerial photos.

Canandaigua Rd., Medina Township (Bean/Tiffin/Maumee).  What is this?  Parked in a 12-acre wetland, intermittent natural stream to Covell Drain, eventually to Bean Creek 

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Seriously? Seriously?!!!!

May 31, 2019

Hoses, hoses, everywhere.  But this one is a Big Freakin’ Deal.  Dragline coming from setup in field on south side of Acker Hwy., applicator has laid it in a tributary to Bean Creek in order to cross under the road to the north side of Acker Hwy.  Just south of Medina Rd.  Couldn’t see where the hose ends or what...

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A Hosing That Never Ends

May 30, 2019

It’s way too wet to be in the fields, but manure farmers are all set up and ready to pump untreated livestock sewage on farm fields just as soon as the rain stops. ½” of rain reported in the area today.

Dragline coming out of the north side of under-road culvert, Forrister Rd. Where’s it coming from?

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This Sh*t Stinks!

May 19, 2019

Foul air everywhere, especially bad around New Flevo, Hartland, Medina, and Hudson Dairies.  Tankers and wagons everywhere.  So much sh*t, so little time!  ECCSCM was out collecting water samples for analysis.  Results will be published as soon as we have the lab reports back.  Easily a 10+ on the Stench-O-Meter was this liquid dragline application by Briskey south of Medina...

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Manure Hauling Truck overturns: Bent Oak Highway, River Raisin Watershed

May 17, 2019

Daily Telegram Staff Writer, Dan Cherry 

ADRIAN TWP. — A truck hauling manure overturned on Bent Oak Highway just south of Hunt Road Tuesday.

Rescue crews were dispatched at 10:11 a.m. to the scene, according to Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office dispatch records on a report of a truck rollover. The southbound truck had overturned into the northbound lane, spilling hundreds of pounds...

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