33,110 PPB: Hydrogen Sulfide levels Exceed OSHA Permissible Levels 6/2/16

H2S Levels in Outdoor Air Detected at Danger Levels Exceeding OSHA Worker Safety

Air monitoring equipment detected Hydrogen sulfide levels measured outdoors on the morning of 6/2/16 of 33,110 ppb. These levels in Lenawee County, Michigan exceeded US Army Corp of Engineers Permissible Exposure Levels on 6/2/16. Breathing at these high levels are considered dangerous.

Ambient air concentrations due to natural sources are between 0.11 to 0.33 ppb, if you work around this gas, Occupational Safety Experts tell you to get out if it exceeds 10,000 ppb
If you are experiencing Health problems related to Hydrogen Sulfide toxicity, seek Medical Care Immediately. (Source: Center for Disease Control)

33110 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Log Air Monitoring June 2 2016

33110 ppb Hydrogen Sulfide Log Air Monitoring June 2 2016 (6 AM) – Clayton, MI

Occupational Exposure Limit is 10,000 ppb

US Army Corps of Engineers: You must use Engineering Controls!
But how do we fix Outdoor Air? 

The Environmental Division of the US Army Corp of Engineers warns that “Odor should not be used as a warning since the gas may deaden the sense of smell”, and advises that If hydrogen sulfide is measured in excess of the OSHA PEL (20,000 ppb) then Engineering Controls must be implemented. Engineering controls means using Exhaust or Ventilation Systems.
Big Problem: Rural Lenawee County CAFO waste fields are not “confined indoor spaces”. These extreme levels are OUTDOORS, so the public can’t engineer “fresh air ventilation systems”. If you live, work or drive in areas where CAFO waste is being applied, monitor your health symptoms.

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