9 on a scale of 10 on the Stench-O-Meter July 24 2017

9 on a scale of 10 on the Stench-o-meter today just south of Terrehaven CAFO on Hunt Rd., at Adrian’s north City limits.  Heavy rain last night, still humid, gagging smell, feels like a punch in the gut.  Those poor neighbors on the northwest side of Adrian, no enjoying summer vacation for them today.

Additional Stench Alert emailed to ECCSCM on 7/24/17
(Using “How to Report Factory Farm Pollution link)
Location:1 mile southwest of Hudson Dairy.

Type of Observation: Stench/Odor

Comments: Strong winds from tne northeast pushing emissions and odor. Have to keep the grandchildren indoors today.

Who did you notify?: ECCSCM


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