Air Pollution: Lenawee Rural county exceeds Texas, Iowa, NE standards

On a weekend where Michigan has the highest ozone levels in the country, local compliance monitoring shows dangerously high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide levels: 1800 PPB (1.8 ppm).
Action: Michigan DEQ must begin monitoring Air Quality in South Central Michigan in the interest of protecting public health.

These levels dramatically exceed the Science Advisory Board (SAB) recommended proposed Ambient Air Levels (AALs). Each of the AALs are designed to be protective of specific health affects:

40 ppb – 1-hr standard, protective of human airway resistance 

23 ppb – 24-hr standard, protective of human-eye pain

Other rural states have Air Quality standards – shown in USDA chart below.  
The 1800 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide levels that Lenawee County (South Central Michigan) is experiencing is 60 times the air quality standards of Iowa, and 180 times Nebraska’s standards. 
Hydrogen Sulfide Ambient Air Quality Standards (USDA 2012 Study)

Hydrogen Sulfide Ambient Air Quality Standards (USDA 2012 Study)


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