It’s Back … or Did It Ever Leave?

July 18, 2019
Canandaigua Rd., Medina Twp., (Bean/Tiffin/Maumee).  Lights, generator back in wetlands origin of Covell Drain (to Bean Creek).  See aerial photos taken 5.31.2019 for a birds’ eye view of this.  We thought this was supposed to be removed.  Was it?  Or was it removed, and returned?  State of Michigan was at the site yesterday, doing another investigation.  There’s more to this ongoing story, and ECCSCM will report when it is finished. application in wetlands 
One thing that never leaves is manure.  It’s always here, always being applied.  ECCSCM counted 4 fresh application sites yesterday during a very short trip.  Here’s one of them, a New Flevo slurry/solids manure application on the east side of Sword Highway between Plank and Beecher Rds.   Dump truck (in the cloud of manure dust) is dumping its contents on the field; tractor is following behind to plow, or incorporate it, under the soil.  Doesn’t matter, it can still get into the surface waters.  This field is in the South Branch/Raisin watershed.  The Raisin enters Lake Erie at Monroe, where the toxins from this year’s harmful algae bloom have already been found.  Gut-wrenching stench of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia for miles around, just as it is around all these fields and farm sites with their raw sewage pits during hot Michigan summers.
New Flevo East side of Sword between Plank and Beecher 7.19.2019 slurry solids stockpile

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