Danger Lenawee County: Hydrogen Sulfide Gas emissions

Hydrogen Sulfide Levels 5.20.2016 Indoor air following liquid waste surface application by Hartland Farms Dairy: 40 PPM is double ceiling limit set by OSHA

Hydrogen Sulfide Danger after liquid waste surface application by Hartland Farms Dairy, air levels = 40 PPB   5/20/2016

Toxic Levels of H2S = Danger for Lenawee Families

On 5/20/2016, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) levels in one household near Clayton, Michigan (Lenawee County) reached 40 PPB (parts per billion) continuously in a 12 hour period for indoor air. Wolf sense calibrated air monitoring equipment was used, with all residential windows open to provide adequate ventilation. Household was nearby liquid waste spreading by Hartland Dairy that occurred on 5/19/16.

Typical environmental concentrations of hydrogen sulfide are 0.11 – 0.33  [ppb]. H2S dulls the sensory nerves, so pain cannot be relied upon as a warning of exposure. 

Health Warnings

Repeated or prolonged exposure has been reported to cause low blood pressure, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, ataxia, eye-membrane inflammation, and chronic cough. Neurologic symptoms, including psychological disorders, have been associated with chronic exposure. Chronic exposure may be more serious for children because of their potential longer latency period.  Some evidence suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide may be associated with an increased risk of spontaneous abortion. (Source = Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry)

NIOSH = National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration


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