Get ready Lake Erie – it never stops!

July 10, 2019

Just in time for the Big Event, the Lake Erie Harmful Algae Bloom forecast.  ECCSCM is here to tell everyone that the Michigan portion of the WLEB is doing its best to keep the manure rolling along, just like every other year.  Not as many fields planted?  Too bad.  Manure farmers produce crap 24/7 so their first concern is getting rid of it.  It’s going on those fields come hell or high water (literally), doesn’t matter if there’s a crop or not.  They got off to a late start because it was so wet, but they’re making up for it now!  Manure everywhere, much of it going onto weed fields.  What do experts recommend as the proper “agronomic rate” for phosphorus fertilizer to grow the biggest and best weeds?  ‘Cause we’re there.

Here’s just a tiny smattering of what’s happening up here in those Western Lake Erie tributary headwaters.  So much manure, so much stinky air, so little time to take pictures.

East side of Wolf Creek Highway, just north of Brazee Road, field owned by Warner.  Wolf Creek/Lake Adrian/South Branch/Raisin watershed (E. coli TMDL). The beginning of a dry manure stockpile.  Most likely, this will be pushed around and smoothed out, then chisel plowed; supposed to be done within 24 hours.  So much for right time, right rate, right place, right method, precision application.  Manure dust blowing everywhere.


Hartland/Briskey liquid dragline dumpbox setup for surface application of manure, with tankers coming and going.  Southeast corner of Wheeler Hwy. and Cadmus Rd.  South Branch/Raisin watershed (E. coli TMDL).  This was bottom-of-the lagoon quality stench, easily a 10 on the Stench-o-Meter.  The vile odor will get worse as it ages over the next few days, whether it’s incorporated into the ground or not.

Photo below is of the liquid manure application on Wheeler Highway and Cadmus Road, showing manure runoff puddling at the edge of the field.  South Branch/Raisin watershed (E. coli TMDL) 

Quiz question:  Where will this excess end up?  Hint:  Initials are L E, and it’s a big body of water.


In a few days, this will all be downstream and doing its very best to make this the Best. Lake. Erie. HAB. Evah!!!!

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