Gut wrenching stench on Cadmus: Hartland Farms; Neighborly Waste Disposal?

“A Good Neighbor increases the Value of your Property” (Nebraska Czech)
Unless you live in Lenawee County!

Hartland Farms “Free” Waste Disposal

As reported: “Truly nauseating, hair and clothing clinging stench from manure lagoon
solids first stockpiled and then spread on Merilatt fields by Hartland
Farms the last few days. I visited Cadmus today and could hardly get
from car to house. I stank and felt sick. Neighbors and kids inside for
at least 2 days. That is quite a price for the neighbors to pay for
Hartland Farms free waste disposal. By tomorrow it should be well on its
way to Lake Erie.

After 16 years these emissions/stench continue to trigger depression,
rage and the desire to leave permanently.”

Read more about Hartland Farms’ subsidies: substantial EQIP funds with over $1.5 million government funding between 1995 – 2014, despite violating regulations.subsidies at link.

Another Filthy Sunday of Emissions near Hudson, in Lenawee County, Michigan. 

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