Hop into the ECCSCM Wayback Machine, or “The Runoff That Never Ends”

March 30, 2019
Travel way back with ECCSCM, to our Stench Alert post for May 19, 2018 of the Van Brunt/Halliwill/New Flevo manure heap on Forrister Rd.  (Hazen Creek, S. Branch/Raisin).  No containment, manure heaped up in big piles, every time it rains liquid manure runoff flows everywhere.  We just posted that one photo but this has been on-going for a few years with no resolution. 

Photo below shows manure runoff from those piles (left of photo) ponding around a groundwater wellhead (the white pipe surrounded by corrugated pipe).  Polluting the aquifer is a big no-no.  Or it should be.  That’s why there are setback rules in the CAFO permit that prohibit manure application within 100 ft.  Ain’t happening here.

03.30.2019 manure runoff ponding around a groundwater wellhead - Forrister Rd. (Hazen Creek, S. Branch:Raisin)


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