A Hosing That Never Ends

It’s way too wet to be in the fields, but manure farmers are all set up and ready to pump untreated livestock sewage on farm fields just as soon as the rain stops. ½” of rain reported in the area today.

Dragline coming out of the north side of under-road culvert, Forrister Rd. Where’s it coming from?


Here’s the south side of the road, where the dragline enters the culvert:


“Getting closer, going east … generator for pump setup, south side of Forrister Rd.”


The source – New Flevo’s lagoons.  Dragline hose from lagoon ( lower right, just above the date in the photo below) runs to the pump above, then under the road, to the field.


There’s a whole lot more.
New Flevo/Waterland dump box still set up on Springville Hwy., just south of Shepherd Rd.   Oh May 24, this farm was applying manure within 24 hours of a 70% chance of ½” or more rainfall, against Michigan CAFO permit rules.  (Confirmed by EGLE.)  That’s a no-no.


Still not done.  North side of Canandaigua Rd. east of Ingall Hwy.  Orange manure dragline, not sure where the other end is.  Field is in Medina Dairy’s permit.




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