It just keeps rolling along. (No, not Old Man River. We’re talking about something else.)

August 15, 2018

Confirmed manure discharge.  MDEQ did a site investigation; we are waiting for their final report.  Morey Hwy., just north of Beecher Rd., Clayton, MI.  Tributary to S. Branch/Raisin River.  Downstream of manure application field on Beecher Rd., just west of Morey Hwy., Clayton- MI on 8/9 – 8/14, 2018, which is one potential source. 

Photo of stream water at the site.

Sample taken to lab for E. coli analysis, result was 100,100/100mL.  For reference, public beaches are closed when E. coli levels reach 130/100mL, and partial body contact is not recommended when levels are above 1,000/100mL.  This stream is part of a 2008 E. coli TMDL, which means the maximum E. coli present should be no more than 130/100mL (30-day mean) or 300/100mL (daily).  On 8.15.2018, it was more than 300 times the allowable limit of 300/100mL for one day.  This is especially dangerous, because this branch of the Raisin is a source of drinking water for Blissfield and Deerfield downstream.

The sample was dark brown/gray in color, opaque, greasy, smelled of manure, and faintly of diesel fuel (sometimes used to prevent foaming in the dump box and for lubrication of the pumping equipment).

    • Temperature was 83.2 deg. F
    • DO was 2.88 mg/L
    • Phosphate >50, then turned dark gray
    • Nitrite >3.0
    • Nitrate – strip turned brown
    • Ammonia > 6.0

Sample collected immediately upstream was relatively clear (some particulates), no smell or visual evidence of manure.

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