Let’s Go to the Lake! Oh wait . . .

Briskey draglining liquid manure on cut hay field, northwest corner of Posey Lake Highway and Beecher Road, Bean/Tiffin/Maumee watershed.  Pee-eew, bottom-of-the-lagoon stench, wind blowing northeast right towards Posey Lake, just before 4th of July weekend. 

Briskey 6.30.2020

Briskey box 6.30.2020

Moving on to the  South Branch of the Raisin watershed west of Adrian, Waterland/New Flevo liquid manure application on cut hay the north side of Forrister Rd. just west of the CAFO, was still godawful stenchy several days after application.

Waterland:New Flevo 6.30.20

Definitely doesn’t smell like BBQ.  But then again, our CAFOs don’t care about their neighbors and fellow Americans, or our nation’s patriotic holidays.  For them, it’s all about dumping sewage.

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