Locked, loaded, and ready to go

September 15, 2019
More raw livestock sewage for the Bean/Tiffin/Maumee watershed.  3 different fields, all within a couple square miles of the Crap Convoy shown in the Stench Alert entry below, that was lined up on Munson Hwy. just south of Territorial Rd.  As soon as the rain quits, they’ll be at it.
Dragline setup, n. side of Morenci Rd. w. of US 127, September 15, 2019
North side of Morenci Rd., just east of US 127 


East side of Munson Hwy., north of Morenci Rd. 

Dumpbox, dragline from tractor setup, E side of Munson Hwy. N of Morenci Rd.

Dragline connected to dumpbox, e. side of Munson Hwy. n. of Morenci Rd., September 15, 2019
Dragline connected to dumpbox, E. side of Munson Hwy. N. of Morenci Rd 

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