Manure Farming – continues into late November 2017

Manure Farmers still at it – when it rains, it pours!  Heavy summer and fall rains and heavy winter snows often mean that those carefully-crafted Nutrient Management Plans go out the window, along with those abundantly-researched, tightly-controlled, optimal application methods.  Cows and pigs poop 24/7/365, manure cesspits and stockpiles fill up, and it all has to go somewhere.  That’s what Manure Farming is all about.

11.28.2017 Bakerlads

Nov. 28, 2017 – No appetite for holiday treats if you live northeast of this field today, stench is horrific.  Bakerlads applied liquid and slurry manure again (4th time on this field since June) at the SE corner of Beecher and Morey last night, then came back and did it ALL OVER AGAIN (5th time) this morning.  Kinda makes you wonder what the phosphorus soil tests for that field show, and how much of it will eventually end up in the Raisin.  We feel so sorry for the neighbors who have been stuck in intermittent stench from this field all summer.  Apparently the Golden Rule only applies when it’s convenient.

11.28.2017 Legend Dairy Tankers11.28.2017 Legend Dairy zoomNov. 28, 2017 – Tankers lined up on Spencer Hwy. between Ridgeville and Mulberry Roads (above) to fill the tanker for this Legend Dairy fan-spray application.  Other than distributing contaminated sewage particulates far and wide, it’s hard to see the point of this since there’s nothing to fertilize.   But that’s how Manure Farming works.11.28.2017 Houle ApplicatorNov. 28, 2017 – Manure tanker filling up Houle applicator for field application, no growing crop to fertilize.  Hmmm, this field doesn’t seem to be included in anybody’s CNMP 

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