High-risk Manure Hauling: Train derailment in Morenci, Michigan

Driver flown to Hospital

A freight train crashed into a semi hauling manure on Sunday evening on Ranger Highway & Ridgeville The incident happened in the City of Morenci, Michigan. Video: ABC News 5/22/16 . Witnesses stated that hauling trucks had been driving through this crossing all day, and not stopping.

Crash site = HAZMAT situation

300+ gallons of leaking diesel fuel requires Lenawee County Emergency Management response due to spill and the need to reduce flow to drains and waterways. Video: CBS News 5/22/16.

Studies have shown it is very difficult to hear a train, and drivers have difficulty estimating the velocity of an approaching train. NTSB visual safety recommendations.

Witness Accounts 

Ed Perritt was less than 50 feet away from a fiery impact between a Semi truck and a cargo train. Jon Monk (WTOL 11) Full interview with Mr. Perritt minutes after he helped assist in pulling the driver away from the flaming wreckage. Mr. Perritt comments that drivers do not stop for the train, and complaints have been filed with law enforcement.

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