Overwhelming Stench in 90+ temps: Some close windows in Lenawee or Hillsdale Counties

Locals Closing Windows: Suffering in Heat as tankers haul CAFOs’ waste in Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties, Michigan

If you live nearby any of the locations listed below, monitor your family’s health as Hydrogen Sulfide & Ammonia exposure are dangerous. Seek Medical Attention immediately if you have any of these symptoms (Agency for Toxic Substances).

Locations of tankers hauling to fields for waste application:

On August 3rd & 4th, tankers everywhere in Hudson & Lenawee Counties.  In the city of Hudson, tankers were there, going east on M-34, & past Posey Lake Highway.

Many tankers have been observed coming from Hudson Dairy. 

Hartland tankers are hauling on Dowling Hwy.  At Dowling & M-34, Hartland tankers have set up their red dump box and dragline.  There’s a good-sized manure spill/splat on the road at the intersection of Dowling and Cadmus Roads (photo below).
8-3-16 Manure spill @ Cadmus and Dowling Roads

8-3-16 Manure spill @ Cadmus and Dowling Roads

Along Munson Road, south of M-34 just before the paving turns to dirt at Lawrence Rd, there’s a dump box & dragline, appearing to be same type of equipment that had been on Cadmus Road, set up there, in a field on the west side.  At Posey Lake Highway, the tankers were turning to get to Cadmus Road, then heading on to Munson & Medina Roads. 

Dangerous air situation for local residents.

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