Seriously? Seriously?!!!!

Hoses, hoses, everywhere.  But this one is a Big Freakin’ Deal.  Dragline coming from setup in field on south side of Acker Hwy., applicator has laid it in a tributary to Bean Creek in order to cross under the road to the north side of Acker Hwy.  Just south of Medina Rd.  Couldn’t see where the hose ends or what it’s attached to because of the slope.  Nope. No. No. Nonononononono.  Not allowed to have draglines lying in streams – this is a major cause of leaks and discharges.


Dragline at the right side in the photo above continues to run north (right) where it turns and was laid so that it lies in a tributary of Bean Creek.  Photo below shows the dragline in the stream, above the grass at the roadside and to the right of the big tree in the center.


Manure dragline hose in tributary to Bean Creek, coming from under Acker Hwy.  Dragline (gray hose) is lying in the creek; you can see it above the grass at the roadside edge, lying to the right of the big tree in the center of the photo.  Don’t know where this end of the dragline is located or what, if anything, it’s attached to.

How much hosing is too much?
Another dragline set up and ready to go, SE corner of Packard Rd. and Dillon Hwy., field in Medina Dairy’s permit.


That’s a lotta livestock sewage.   All headed to Lake Erie!




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