Stench Alert – October 20, 2017

Stench Alert – October 20, 2017

Follow the smelly trail … traces of liquid manure, south side of Lawrence Rd. east of Posey Lake Hwy.

Still on Lawrence Rd., ponded liquid manure, smell getting worse towards Posey Lake Hwy. Where is it coming from?

Getting closer to Posey Lake Hwy., still on Lawrence, s. side.  Stench.  Manure tanker in field.

Finally, Ground Zero!  Lawrence Rd. just east of Posey Lake Hwy.  Briskey liquid manure application.

Close-up of photo immediately above.  While this was happening, liquid manure tanker/dragline was being set up just across Lawrence Rd. on the north side.  Terrible for neighbors who will have to endure this.


Hoffland, dragline from manure cesspit all set up and ready for traveling irrigator liquid manure application on cover crop.


New Flevo dry solids application, Forrister Rd. between Skinner and Hawkins Hwys.  This one was particularly stench-o-riffic.

New Flevo liquid manure application on cover crop, Forrister Rd. and Bates Hwy.  Almost as stinky as the dry solids application in the photo above.

Dry manure solids piled high against corn stubble, Springville Hwy. north of Forrister Rd.   Question:  What’s the difference between waste disposal and “crop need”?

ECCSCM also received complaints on 10/20/2017 about Hartland manure applications around Hughes Highway and a manure application at Tipton Hwy. and Shepherd Rd.  Too much cow manure, not enough time.

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