This Sh*t Stinks!

Foul air everywhere, especially bad around New Flevo, Hartland, Medina, and Hudson Dairies.  Tankers and wagons everywhere.  So much sh*t, so little time!  ECCSCM was out collecting water samples for analysis.  Results will be published as soon as we have the lab reports back.  Easily a 10+ on the Stench-O-Meter was this liquid dragline application by Briskey south of Medina Rd. on Acker Hwy. (Bean/Tiffin watershed).  Liquid manure is pumped out of the sewage lagoon into the tanker, which is hauled to the field.  Then the liquid livestock waste is pumped into a dump box, shown below with corrugated sides.  From there, it’s pumped into a dragline (looks like a fire hose, see the reels below and the full hose coming from the pump) that’s connected to an applicator attached to the back back of the tractor , which you see in the picture just below this one.  Eye-watering, throat-burning, gut-wrenching, nasty.  The air stunk for miles around.

A few feet farther east, on the north side of Medina Rd., Briskey was spreading manure solids.  (Bean/Tiffin watershed)

From now until after Memorial Day weekend, our local CAFOs are emptying their giant cesspits of winter’s livestock accumulation.  The most beautiful time of year in this part of CAFO-land in Southern Michigan is always Hell Time.   

This is just one example.

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