Ungodly Stench in Lenawee County 5/22/16

Manure Stench continues on Lord’s Day

Sunday. The traditional day of rest here in Lenawee County.  No rest, no peace, for our friends and neighbors in Seneca Township in the vicinity of Seneca Hwy., Ridgeville and Wolfe Rds.  This is the Sabbath Day, but the ungodly stench that these good people are forced to endure is clearly not “heaven-scent”.

Manure draglining results in stench

Manure draglining at the NW corner of Seneca Hwy. and Ridgeville Rd., 5.22.16.
Manure everywhere, wind blowing. Eye-watering, sinus-burning, just short of tear-gas intensity.

Noxious fumes. Manure tanker, fan-spraying

Manure tanker, fan-spraying on the East side of Seneca Hwy., Ridgeville and Wolfe Rds., 5.22.16. Noxious fumes blanketing everything for miles, tankers lined up to refill. Wind blowing the manure as leaves the tanker, spreading particulates and emissions far and wide. A 10 on the 1-to-10 stench-o-meter. No consideration for neighbors on this beautiful Sunday afternoon in May.

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