Update:  The gift that keeps on giving

March 30, 2019

On January 17, 2019, Bakerlads deposited stockpiles of manure on ground that was frozen to a depth of at least 2”, when there was a high risk of runoff according to Michigan’s Enviro Impact Tool.  Manure was eventually pushed around on this field and left to sit (the darker areas of the field above the ponding), not incorporated because (a) the ground was frozen and (b) this is a no-till field. (See January 17th Stench Alert for photo). 

Here’s what happened.  What always happens.  Snow melt and manure, after heavy rains, ponding around the orange, perforated tile riser (orange pipe in the foreground) that collects surface water on the field, takes it down to the buried tile beneath that carries it out to a tributary of the South Branch of the Raisin.  This, folks, is why we don’t put manure (or any fertilizer) on snow-covered or frozen ground.  It’s not fertilizing any crop.  Why is it OK to use farmland as a sewage dump?

03.30.2019 Bakerlads manure stockpiles after winter

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