Stench Alerts – 2014

2014 CAFO Stench Alerts

Dec 19 – Hartland Farms CAFO is spreading solids, SW corner of Beecher Rd and Hughes Hwy. This field drains through sub-surface Henning Dr to Bear Cr/Lake Hudson (River Raisin Watershed). 
12-19-14 – Hartland Farms application, Hughes Hwy south of Beecher.

Dec 13 – the weekend begins – Sat. 9 am: Hudson Dairy manure tankers are rolling through Hudson to a field north side of Beecher Rd near Posey Lake. Dumpbox and the usual massive draglining operation, at least 5 Briskey and E&R tankers running the loop. This field is NOT included in Hudson Dairy’s CNMP for waste application. Late afternoon, tankers still running: with low-hanging mist, the stink is spreading out, for miles.

Dec 11 – ON FROZEN GROUND – cold again – reeking, bottom-of-the-barrel putrid stench from Hartland Farms manure-spraying on Dowling Hwy, south of Beecher Rd. Hudson Dairy trucks hauling to Waldron Rd site, same as yesterday (below); and also Hudson Dairy CAFO waste application near the facility, east side of US-127 north of Donnelly.

Dec 10 – Another day, another stream of CAFO waste, diarrhetic (“abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations” def., hitting Pittsford Twp. Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy moved the dumpbox about a mile north from Dec. 7-8 field, draglining again.
12-10-14 – black manure field on Waldron Rd just south of Day Rd – Hudson Dairy draglining.

Dec 9 – A gray drizzly day, rain last night, Hartland Farms CAFO is spraying liquid manure on wet fields on Dowling Hwy. Stink hangs in the air, very foul.

Dec 7 – Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is spraying massive amounts of liquid manure, same field as Oct 13 (Waldron Rd & M-34), with dump box and tankers unloading next to a residence, VERY close to the household wellhead (circled in RED below), and directly across Waldron Rd from the Seventh Day Adventist Church and School. Tractor is draglining as far as the hose will reach; beyond that, tanker-trucks are driving across the field at the far SW end, spraying on a slope so steep the trucks can barely drive up. See video below (and others, Can the tanker get up the hill?; Pity the biota, etc. on ECCSCM’s YouTube channel).

12-7-14 – Hudson Dairy liquid manure dump box being filled from tanker; household wellhead circled at right
In your face. In your streams. In Lake Erie. 

Dec 4-5 – Hartland Farms “still stinking up the air, other end of Dowling” (Dec 4) – tankers spraying a field black with liquid manure, north end of Dowling Hwy, just south of Beecher Rd. On Friday Dec 5, still spraying, the field is soaked with liquid manure (see photo below). Also Dec. 5, Hartland Farms tankers begin hauling to yet another field on Dowling, 1/2 mi. north of M-34. 
12-5-14 – black sprayfield soaked with Hartland Farms liquid manure, along Dowling Hwy south of Beecher Rd.
12-5-14 – Hartland Farms tanker truck pumping liquid manure into field tank-sprayer.

Dec 3 – Hartland Farms still hauling tankers of liquid manure to Dowling Hwy, same as yesterday. Neighbor reports: “really smells terrible along M-34.”

Dec 2 – applications ON FROZEN GROUND – deep freeze overnight, temp down to 16º. Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is resuming draglining on the large M-34 & Waldron Rd field. Surface is blackened. Passer-by reports: ” still spreading on north side of 34… even in the dark tonight. Looks plastered on to me.” Hudson Dairy is also again spreading manure along Egypt Rd. Hartland Farms is hauling manure in tankers to fields along Dowling Hwy, well into dark.

Nov 29 – what a mess, sun & surface thaw today, although ground is STILL FROZEN – Hudson Dairy continues draglining at M-34 and Waldron, blackest field. Hudson Dairy is also spreading solids, one neighbor reports: “On Egypt Rd just west of Elm Rd. At least 5 tractors pulling wagons and spreading solids. Michigan fall colors continue to be BLACK!” Another neighbor says it’s “horrendous.” All this extreme trucking and hauling from Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy, makes people wonder about that new “treatment” system. No reduction in CAFO waste, if Thanksgiving weekend is any indication. 
11-29-14 – Hudson Dairy liquid manure draglining continues in Pittsford Twp, black field along Waldron Rd. 

11-29-14 – black field from Hudson Dairy solids application, Egypt Rd just west of Elm Rd. Same field below.

Nov 28 – ON FROZEN GROUND – Promises, promises, broken promises. In talks before bringing in cows, Milk Source said it had no intention of applying manure on frozen or snow-covered ground. See County Commissioner Jim Driskell’s statement of Milk Source “policy” in Adrian Daily Telegram article, March 16, 2014: “Milk Source has a policy of not spreading manure on snow or frozen ground, he [Driskell] said, a practice of some farmers that has created controversy in Michigan and elsewhere.” Hudson Dairy’s DEQ CNMP also explicitly states, in three places, they “will not apply any wastes to frozen or snow covered ground as they have plenty of manure storage” (see details). HOWEVER, Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is hauling liquid CAFO waste and draglining on frozen ground, 4 or more tankersapplying on the large field at the NW corner of M-34 and Waldron Rd. Field is black. A grassed waterway cuts through this field, drains to Bean Creek. 
11-28-14 – 3 photos below show draglining in progress, ON FROZEN GROUND, along M-34 and Waldron Rd.



Nov 26 – ON FROZEN GROUND – Hudson Dairy spreading CAFO waste w. side of US-127 in Hudson, across from Leffingwell Estates.

Nov 23 – neighbor of Bakerlads manure application reports, “tried to walk through the woods this morning. Stench was horrendous.”

Nov 19 – ON FROZEN GROUND – Bakerlads spreading manure west side of Morey Hwy north of Cadmus Rd; also hauling in dumptrucks and stockpiling along Rome Rd west of Glen Hill Hwy.

Nov 18 – ON FROZEN GROUND – fields are frozen now, Bakerlads are applying manure along Cadmus Rd, east and west of Morey Hwy.

Nov 9 – Report from neighbor of Bleich CAFO on US-127 north of Hudson: “Went out to get firewood, had to cover my mouth and nose to protect myself from the putrid gagging odor hanging in the still night air.”

Nov 8 – Rain and drizzle. Even so, Hudson Dairy is applying CAFO waste in several locations – draglining at Hartley and Pittsford Rd, thick swaths; also hauling tankers of solids on south side of Packard Rd east of Munson Hwy, just west of Durfee Cr; also applying solids, greenish-brown!, along Dillon Hwy. Bakerlads has been applying, for days this week, on east side of M-156 north of Cadmus, next to the South Branch of the River Raisin. 
11-8-14 – Hudson Dairy draglining, extremely thick application, at Hartley & Pittsford Rd.

Nov 7 – Neighbor reports Hudson Dairy applying on Munson Hwy south of Durfee Lake: “Dumping of manure in high amounts. High traffic causing road damage… nausea and headaches … Dust particles in air cause sore throat. Constant problem as I am surrounded by toxins and pollutants.”

Oct 30 – more and more CAFO waste on fields, fertilizing what? with on-coming winter – chance of flurries tomorrow. Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy – heavy slurry application south of Donnelly Rd, east side of US-127, next to the wetland to Fisher Lake. Hudson Dairy is also setting up dumpbox and equipment for dragline application, south side of Packard Rd, field adjacent to Durfee Cr (Bean/Tiffin Watershed). Hartland Farms again applying north side of Cadmus Rd east of Hughes, and Bakerlads applying along Cadmus Rd west of Morey. 
hd donnelly 
10-30-14 – Hudson Dairy, dragline spraying black slurry on Donnelly Rd, next to wetland to Fisher Lake.

Oct 29 – manure applications over several townships: in Hudson Twp, Hartland Farms and Bakerlads applying n. side of Cadmus Rd. In Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, neighbors report Milk Source’sHudson Dairy has been hauling load after load of solids to Tamarack & Tuttle again – so many loads that Tamarack Rd was pitted and impassable to traffic. The Hillsdale County Road Commission worked most of today scraping and grading the road. When they finished in late afternoon, Hudson Dairy was immediately back on it, and kept on hauling until late.

Oct 24 – report from Lime Lake, 1 mi. south of Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy: “Slightly putrid last night – VERY PUTRID this morning. Very still morning with hanging fog. It feels as if you can see the stink. Hoping for a west or south wind so we can work outside today. CAFO pollution continues to degrade quality of life for others for the sake of profit.”

Oct 22 – Bruinsma CAFO is spraying CAFO waste at 3 locations – reports of horrific stench. Tankers are spraying on Wolfe Rd east of North Morenci Rd, heavy spray, black fields, aerosolization of waste; on Seneca Hwy south of Mulberry Rd, with extreme ponding in the field; and on Ridgeville east of Dodge.
10-22-14 – Bruinsma spraying corn stubble black, on Wolf Rd east of North Morenci Rd. 

bruinsmaseneca senecafield
10-22-14- Another Bruinsma spray-application, Seneca Hwy south of Mulberry Rd, where there’s extreme ponding of liquid manure (second photo).

Oct 15 – E. coli test results from Hoffland Farm field runoff Oct 13 at Tomer Rd manure application field: >2,419/100 mL (maximum count from lab’s IDEXX process, Adrian Water Plant), more than twice the Michigan Water Standard for partial body contact. DEQ investigated yesterday. Runoff was still flowing Oct 14 to the field edge, into the Bovee & Hubbell Drain, which flows to the South Branch of the River Raisin.
Photo below shows Hoffland manure dragline (orange hose) still lying in the Tomer Rd field on Monday, Oct 13, in rain. And below, site of contaminated runoff Oct 14.

10-14-14 – Hoffland runoff at Tomer Rd, E. coli count at this tile was >2,419/100mL.

Sunday, Oct 12 – “Horrendous.” Some of the worst draglining/spewing of liquid CAFO waste we’ve seen around here – Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is geysering waste into the air from an open-ended dragline hose along Waldron Rd & M-34. A best practice?? Not for neighbors, not for soils, not for water. Rain predicted tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday. The photos show it all: the spewing aerosolization, the black field, the ponding of waste.


Oct 11 – “Feculent CAFO stench from Milk Source…engulfs our farm and house,” reports a neighbor near Hudson Dairy’s dragline operation today at M-34 & Waldron Rd, directly across from church/school in session. Manure haulers, sometimes 2 at a time, are parked in the roadway. “One of the most beautiful Michigan fall days ruined by this inconsiderate CAFO,” the outraged farmer says. “It’s a good time to quit the farming business. No way can you grow good food in this environment.” Hudson Dairy is also continuing waste application at Tamarack & Tuttle. Elsewhere, Hartland Farms is draglining SE corner of Beecher & Hughes, with no applicator – just spewing/spraying liquid waste
10–11-14 – Hudson Dairy dump box in the field, manure tankers on Waldron Rd across from church/school.

10-11-14 – Hartland Farms draglining liquid CAFO waste, no applicator, just spraying/spewing.

Oct 10 – Stench-to-be, and more: Hoffland Dairy CAFO has its dragline system set up this afternoon, liquid manure hauled in, driver in the seat, ready to go at M-156 and Tomer Rd, a large field from M-156 to Wheeler. Hudson Dairy has started set-up at M-34 and Waldron Rd, with Fry Bros (Ohio) truck and brand new dump box, on a cut soy bean field – first time this field has been used for liquid CAFO waste. Elsewhere, Hudson Dairy hauling solids to SE field at Tamarack & Tuttle, same field draglined earlier this season. Medina Dairy draglining nearly complete on Packard west of Dillon, near Durfee Cr.
10-10-14 – Hudson Dairy draglining set-up, M-34 & Waldron Rd, with Fry Bros (OH) truck and new, filthy-to-be dump box.

Sept 29 – Hartland Farms still hauling in loads of CAFO waste to the stockpiles at M-34 and Dowling, while also front-end-loading and spreading waste from Sept 24-25, black on the field. No incorporation. Several reports of terrible emissions, especially south of M-34 on Childs Hwy: “Stench was quite overwhelming all afternoon and into the evening at M-34 near Childs Hwy. A resident … complained of a strong odor in her house. I was working outside and the stench turned from a strong dusty manure smell in daylight hours to a completely overwhelming ammonia smell after dark. It was bad enough to make work outside difficult, eventually causing me to stop work and go home.” Another report from Childs Hwy of “horrible, gagging, throat burning, putrid stench from manure application on field.”

Sept 27 – 8 a.m. report: “Strong CAFO waste emissions. No wind. Just hanging in the air. Suspect it’s coming from the Hudson Dairy Factory Farm located less than 1 mile north.”

Sept 25 – Trucks still dumping Hartland Farms CAFO waste in heaps, same field as yesterday. Longer and longer stockpile. Reports coming in about Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy draglining, spraying, applying all over the place: hauling solids to the field next to the Prattville lagoon, south of Prattville Road west of Seeley Road; also hauling on Tamarack; disking application south side of Squawfield west of US-127; draglining field NW corner of intersection M-34 and Elm Rd – stench reported 3 miles away; irrigator north of the facility on the west side of US-127 was running at night on cut hay ground.
9-25-14 – truckloads of Hartland Farms CAFO waste in field along M-34 and Dowling, east of the City of Hudson.

Sept 24 – First thing this morning, semi-trucks are dumping Hartland Farms CAFO waste at M-34 and Dowling Hwy, heaps in the middle of the field. With variable breeze, strong emissions are reaching M-34 and west towards the City of Hudson, and north a mile or more along Dowling Hwy. At 7:45 p.m., passerby reports, trucks still hauling and stockpiling into the dark.

Sept 13 – Report from Lime Lake area, less than 1 mi. south of Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy: “Slight NNE wind is bringing suspected CAFO building or waste lagoon emissions. It does not smell like a field application of waste, but more like a chemical odor. Instant headache resulted.”

Sept 6 – “Unbearable” emissions from Hartland Farms draglining, same field as Aug 9-11 below. ECCSCM received a long email of outrage and concern for residents: “The worst liquid manure emissions I’ve experienced in 14 years. Clearly this manure application will harm anyone who breathes it for many minutes. Like sucking in the bottom of a liquid manure pit. Dizziness and nausea hit me immediately. I parked in a neighbor’s driveway and got out only to retreat back into the car. The liquid manure emissions applied to fields across from [residences] were unbearable. This is immoral, dangerous and a human rights violation.”

Sept 2 – Hartland Farms is draglining in heavy rain along Beecher west of Morey, the open-ended line spewing liquid maure onto the field. 

Aug 29 – Hartland Farms setting up draglining operation at same field as Aug 7-11. Still no response from MDARD concerning their investigaton of that episode three weeks ago.

Aug 26 – “Gagging putrid odor this morning” from Bleich CAFO.

Aug 19 – 7:45 pm – Report: “Putrid stench after a nice late summer rain,” from Bleich CAFO, corner of Stewart and US-127.

Aug 12 – Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is back on the road with tankers, dump box and dragline, along Tamarack Rd to Tuttle again – a foul intersection for neighbors this last week, with draglining liquid CAFO waste on fields to the north/south/east/west. Hartland Farms waste along Beecher got drenched in rain yesterday. Still no incorporation, after 5 days, in areas over Miller Tile, which flows to South Branch of the River Raisin. 

Aug 7-11 – “Horrendous” emissions over many square miles from Hartland Farms waste applications the last 4 days along Beecher Rd, one draglining area west of Morey Hwy and another further west at the intersection of Beecher and Hughes Hwy. Numerous reports to ECCSCM about the stench from neighbors with headaches, nausea, sore throats, burning sinuses. Many people had to close windows Thurs (Aug 7), Fri, Sat nights. Several people had to leave their homes. Friday morning: very calm wind, fog hanging in low places. The bad air is hanging like that, all around, surrounding houses, surrounding people. With small children and elderly in this area exposed to the emissions, there is serious concern for public health. MDARD notified, DEQ Air Division notified, also Lenawee County Health Department. Update: Saturday Aug 9 – The stench is still overwhelming near the field sites, and is noticeable miles away, reports from as far west at Hudson City limits along Munson Hwy. Neighbors near the manure fields report, again, “can’t open the windows, no air conditioning … can’t go outside.” Symptoms reported include coughing, sinuses plugged, eyes watering. “Nausea, headache. We are prisoners in our home.” Extreme emissions continue, Monday Aug 11.

NOTE on 8-8-14 from local R.N.: “I received a distress call around 9am from a neighbor north of Hartland farm liquid manure applications spread on Beecher and Hughes Hwy. Upon my arrival around 10am wind had shifted briefly and stench/emissions lessened during my visit but apparently had been very bad all night long. I noted respiratory problems due to emissions. Other reports of distress from neighbors on Beecher Rd. who had to leave homes last evening also with physical symptoms brought on by liquid manure applications for last 3-4 days.”
8-8-14 – Hartland Farms draglining operation, still going around 2:00 p.m., field on Beecher just west of Morey. 
SE part of the field near the road is drenched with liquid manure, no sign of incorporation, stench is sickening.

Aug 7 – Intense emissions for miles around Hartland Farms draglining operations along Beecher Rd – just west of Morey Hwy today; and manure from last 2 days further west on Beecher at Hughes, still unincorporated. Driver on Beecher reports, “Smells bad all the way out Beecher…to Posey Lake.” 

nofMorey unincorporated
8-7-14- Hartland Farms draglining along Beecher west of Morey Hwy; and previous dragline still in place at Beecher & Hughes, manure not incorporated.

Aug 6 – Neighbors report strong emissions south of Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy facility, “bad enough to force the closing of windows – no detectible wind.” Hartland Farms still applying manure, same field as yesterday.

Aug 5 – Hartland Farms draglining along Beecher Rd east of Hughes – “stench is overpowering and can be smelled for at least 2 miles east,” a driver reports. Afternoon of intermittent light rain. 
8-5-12 – Hartland Farms draglining liquid manure without applicator, just spewing from the rear, Beecher Rd.

Aug 2 – Reports of “extreme stench the last 3 days” from Hartland Farms waste application on Cadmus Rd east of Hughes. Stench for several miles around, including this morning.

July 29 – Hudson Dairy hauling tankers of CAFO waste to dump box and draglining at intersection of Tamarack & Tuttle.

July 28 – Note below: 1) Dust Bowl, 2) spray-irrigation into neighbor’s woods. Major particulate emissions today, blowing from Medina Dairy field applicaton of slurry/solids on Gallup Rd field. No incorporation, no crop. Dust from manure application fields can carry fecal matter as well as large and small particulates which can aggravate asthma, reach the lungs and cause respiratory problems, other health symptoms. 
dust bowl 
7-28-14 – Gallup Rd dust, particulate emissions from Medina Dairy waste application.

Also today, July 28, Medina Dairy is spray-irrigating east of the facility on Ingall Hwy, with end-spray from the travel irrigator shooting into the trees of a neighbor’s woods (same as July 21). Elsewhere, Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is spray-irrigating east of the facility along US-127 north of Donelly Rd, and on (yes, AGAIN) the Elm Rd alfalfa field. Hudson Dairy is also haulingmultiple tankers 15 miles south, back and forth, into Ohio again, draglining a field on Ohio County Hwy S, 1/2 mi. south of Country Rd 21.50. 
7-28-14 – Milk Source’s Medina Dairy end-sprayer hitting a neighbor’s woodlot, trees, Ingall Hwy.
trucksOH OHdragging 
7-28-14 – Hudson Dairy tankers lined up in Ohio field, 15 miles from the facility; and draglining CAFO waste there on cut wheat field.

July 25 – Intensive CAFO waste application, more repeat applications on the same fields: bad emissions (“it stinks!”) from Medina Dairy slurry/solids application on the Gallup Rd field again, thick and black, with a trail of manure clots from the haulers on Packard Rd; Hudson Dairy spray-irrigating the Elm Rd alfalfa field again, more than 20 times and still counting; Hudson Dairy also spraying waste through travel irrigator across from the facility, east side of US-127 – again. Hoffland Dairy is spray-irrigating east side of Wheeler north of the facility. 
mdgallup clots 
7-25-14 – Medina Dairy slurry/solids application, thick on the Gallup field, and (right) trail of manure clots on Packard Rd.

July 24 -Multiple CAFO waste applications again today – all sites noted here are in the Maumee River/Lake Erie Watershed. Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is hauling over the border into Williams Co, Ohio (see photo here), draglining a field south side of Territorial Rd/Ohio Rd T at (OH) County Rd 21.50 – at least 4 tankers hauling to the dump box. Hudson Dairy is also spray-applying here in Michigan, on the Elm Rd. alfalfa field (same as the last 4 days). Milk Source’s Medina Dairy is hauling slurry solids via Packard Rd – dust is terrible – to the (previously applied) Gallup Rd field – thick “jet black” application; and also spray-applying CAFO waste along Dillon Hwy, both sides.
slurry MDonDillon
7-24-14 – Medina Dairy, slurry solids surface-applied, Packard/Ingall/Gallup Rd field, no crop; also spray-irrigating CAFO waste along Dillon Hwy (Bean/Tiffin/Maumee Watershed).

July 23 – Several emissions reports today. From Yankee Rd & Camburn, Lenawee Co, MI: “Absolutely putrid odor. [They] start spreading liquid animal waste at 6am and finish at 6pm every day for the last 5-6 days. Appears to be coming from Oakshade Dairy in Lyons, OH.” Another report from the southeast corner of Lime Lake, Hillsdale Co, less than 3/4 of a mile directly south ofHudson Dairy‘s animal waste lagoons: “The wind is shifting today. Every time the wind direction comes from the north the windows must be closed.” Hudson Dairy is spray-applying on the Elm Rd alfalfa field again. And from Wolf Creek Hwy northwest of Adrian, “Terrehavan facility smells bad all the way to the golf course.”

July 20 – 22 – Repeat applications: add 3 more days to list of CAFO waste-application days on the Elm Rd alfalfa field – Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy spraying again on Sun July 20, Mon July 21, and Tues, July 22 through the travel irrigator. “They ought to be getting enough on there pretty soon!” says a nearby resident. Also on July 21, Hudson Dairy returned its dragline operation to the same field as July 8-10, at the corner of M-34 and Elm Rd, just west of the City of Hudson. Medina Dairy spray-irrigating south of the facility on Ingall, with part of the spray hitting trees in a woodlot, not the field. 
7-21-14 – End-spray from Medina Dairy irrigator hitting the trees, not the field.

July 18 – Multiple sites of Milk Source CAFO waste application today. Medina Dairy still running tankers to the field on Gallup, first reported on July 16. Resident in the area reports “…manure trucks hauling manure going down Packard for at least 3 days if not more. Tearing road up so that it is a sand pit now… Grass on our property covered with thick coat of dust/ brown.” Medina Dairy draglining continues, as yesterday, at Canandaigua and Ingall. Hudson Dairy is once again spray-irrigating CAFO waste on the Elm Rd alfalfa field – the list of waste-application-days there is getting very long. Spraying continued all day, “went on for 9-10 hrs,” a neighbor reported. Three reports received on emissions along Elm Rd: “it’s not clean water,” “nasty,” and “it’s very foul here this afternoon.” Hudson Dairy is also spray-irrigating CAFO waste north of the facility, west side of US-127 as well as east side of US-127. Elsewhere today, “stench was bad west ofTerrehaven…piling silage.”
7-18-14 – Hudson Dairy spray-irrigating CAFO waste on the alfalfa field on Elm Rd, yet again.

July 17 – Milk Source’s Medina Dairy draglining field at Canandaigua and Ingall Hwy. Passerby reports, “it was very strong…very sour and nasty…my sinuses burn.”

July 16 – Neighbors of Bleich Dairy CAFO report intense emissions from the facility “every night after 10” recently. “It’s really really really rank, like they’ve sucked out the bottom of the lagoon.”New Flevo Dairy stockpiling again. Medina Dairy hauling, draglining on the same field on Gallup Rd where Hudson Dairy tankers caused road damage on Memorial Day weekend. 
nfd1 nfd2 
7-16-14 – New Flevo Dairy dumping CAFO waste in piles in the field at facility, Forrister Rd.

July 11 – Closed down today: Hudson Dairy’s draglining operation at Elm Rd & M-34 the last three days, with several tankers hauling to a dumpbox. Starting up: new dumpbox & draglining on Munson Hwy east of Hudson; also spray-irrigating CAFO waste across from the facility on US-127, north of Donnelly Rd.
elm34 elmfield
7-10-14 – Hudson Dairy dumpbox, tanker and dragline reel; and draglined field at Elm & M-34.

7-11-14 – Hudson Dairy spray-irrigating CAFO waste across from facility on US-127, north of Donnelly Rd.

July 10 – Neighbors report “Silage has stunk for three days” from Hartland Farms. Workers at one house commented on how bad it smelled. 
7-10-14 – Hartland Farms is also spreading solids, swaths through the alfalfa field at Dowling Hwy & Cadmus Rd. 

July 7 – Stench and emissions are in the air today. Driver reports, “Stench on U.S. 127 right in front of Hudson Dairy, drifting southeast. It’s ba-a-a-ck. Unfortunately.” Another driver reportedHudson Dairy trucks lined up for draglining at M-34 and Elm Rd. Also, Milk Source’s Medina Dairy is spraying dark manure water through travel irrigators on fields east and west sides of Dillon Hwy at the CAFO facility. Bakerlads CAFO applying manure at corner of Morey Hwy and Cadmus Rd. Stench reported in other locations, including Halliwill CAFO northwest of Adrian and Marvin Farms at Beecher and M-34.
Medina1 Medinaclose
7-7-14 – Medina Dairy spray-irrigating manure along Dillon Hwy

7-7-14 – Hudson Dairy draglining at M-34 and Elm Rd, with narrow treeline, narrow buffer along ditch/tributary of Bean Cr.

July 6 – Neighbors report Hudson Dairy spray-irrigating the Elm Rd alfalfa field for the umpteenth time.

July 3 – Neighbors report heavy manure-tanker truck traffic from Hudson Dairy south on US-127 to Donelly Rd to Acker Hwy manure application field, returning on Packard Rd. At least 4 tankers were running, sometimes parked on Acker road edge, waiting to pump liquid manure into a dump box in the field.
7-3-14 – Hudson Dairy manure tanker on Acker Rd, waiting to unload liquid manure.

June 30 – Video: Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy is spray-irrigating manure on alfalfa field on Elm Rd, for at least the 12th time. A windy day, with spray and bioaerosols drifting.
REASONS TO BE CONCERNED with MANURE IRRIGATION (from Univ. of Wisconsin Extension)
• The full extent of health and quality of life risks are unknown and potentially severe.
• Health concerns that aerosol spray drift from manure irrigation could carry pathogens, particulates, antibiotics, endocrine disruptors, cleaning compounds, toxic gases (hydrogen sulfide and ammonia), and ‘super bacteria’ including LA-MRSA. Concerns that contaminants could affect the general population and especially those with compromised immune systems and elderly; concerns that those negative health effects could be magnified because aerosols penetrate lungs and carry toxins to the bloodstream more directly than if ingested.
• Quality of life concerns, reinforced by reports from people who have complained of worsening respiratory health, poor air quality, increased airborne particulates, odor, and contamination of their property as a result of nearby manure irrigation.
• The potential for contamination of surface water and wells from irrigation application, especially in areas where access to groundwater is more direct such as in sandy soil or karst. There are concerns about runoff from precipitation events after manure irrigation application.
• Groundwater quantity concerns that manure irrigation might use excessive amounts of groundwater resources and may draw down wells.
• There are concerns that existing and future setbacks will be inadequate to protect neighbors, surface waterways, and crops in nearby fields.
• There are concerns that monitoring implementation of manure irrigation practices would be difficult and impractical.

June 26, 27, 29 – Neighbors report, yet again, Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy CAFO spray-irrigating liquid manure at least three more times – Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The same Elm Rd alfalfa field that’s been spray-applied repeatedly since early May (see entries below).

June 19 – Heavy rains. NFD stockpiles still not spread or incorporated.

June 17 – Milk Source’s Hudson Dairy CAFO is spray-irrigating manure AGAIN, at least the 8th time, on the hay field west of the facility, along Elm Rd at Tamarack Rd. Manure-spraying was first observed at this field and photographed May 6 (see photo below on this page); neighbors reported at least 7 other days of spray-irrigation, including today. No incorporation required on hay fields. No stench relief for neighbors.

also June 17 – New Flevo Dairy CAFO is dumping, stockpiling manure in field at the facility, also spray-irrigating manure east of the facility, and surface-applying liquid manure at Forrister & Posey Lake, both north and south sides. E&R trucks and Halliwill CAFO also trucking manure to Halliwill field at Townley and Burton.
6-17-14 – New Flevo CAFO dumping, stockpiling manure at the facility on Forrister Rd.

June 4 – Emissions reported east of Hartland Farms CAFO from manure application yesterday; manure was incorporated, but stench is still there. Hoffland Farms is running tankers of liquid manure to fields north of Lake Hudson, north of Tomer Rd, applying in the rain. 
6-4-14 – Hoffland CAFO applying liquid manure in the rain, north of Lake Hudson.

May 27 – Milk Source’s Medina Dairy CAFO is hauling manure solids north of Hudson along US-127, pushing the manure around with a dozer, in the rain, in a field not included in their Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan.
in rain
5-27-14 – rain has moved in, but dozer is still pushing Medina CAFO manure around the field.

May 26 – Bleich CAFO facility emissions continue. Near-by resident writes that the bedroom window had to be closed because of “Bleich dairy’s putrid lagoon stench, a nightly routine.

May 24 – A holiday weekend, stench is awful along Morey Hwy west of Hoffland CAFO facility.

May 23 – Lenawee County Stinkfest: intense emissions from Terrehaven manure application at Lenawee Hills & Hunt Rd, many Adrian residences across the road, all around; also at Marvin Farms, stench along Beecher Rd just west of the M-34 split; and even worse stench further west along Beecher near Hughes Hwy at Hartland Farms.

May 22 – Email received about “terrible stench from manure today in the area behind Siena Heights [University]” on the north side of Adrian. CAFO fields so close to town? In western Lenawee Co,Hartland Farms is spray-gunning putrid liquid, silage leachage?, with spray drifting, on corn stubble on west side of Hughes Hwy north of the facility. One neighbor had to close all windows; another said the smell was terrible a mile away.
5-22-14 – Hartland Farms spraying from pivot “big gun.”

May 9 – Warm 85º day, neighbor not far from Bleich CAFO writes at 1:15 a.m. – “Stinks pretty bad outside right now, wouldn’t want to stand outside for more than a minute. It’s warm and muggy, the air is still.”

May 6 – Milk Source CAFO is spray-irrigating manure east of the Hudson Dairy facility on US-127 and also west of the facility along Elm Rd. Gusty east winds are carrying the emissions far off-site. Incredible stench for neighbors downwind. Also stench from manure application on Acker Hwy.
5-6-14 – Milk Source manure spraying through irrigator near Elm Rd neighbors. 

May 3 – Hartland Farms using big gun sprayer west of the facility on Hughes Hwy. Winds are blowing at 20mph, with gusts to 30mph – stench of silage leachate is overwhelming downwind.
5-3-14 – Hartland gun-spraying sialge leachate west of facility on Hughes Hwy.

May 1 – Spewing, spewing liquid manure – “isn’t it lovely…,” writes a driver passing by. Hoffland Farms CAFO dragline is unplugged, no applicator, no incorporation. Aerosolized fecal pollutants. Manure ponding in the field. Just unadulterated spewing! 
dragspray pondingcafo
All photos May 1, 2014, Hoffland CAFO

4-24-14 – Multiple manure applications today; with gusty and shifting winds, many neighbors are feeling it, suffering CAFO emissions. New Flevo CAFO is draglining liquid manure in 2 locations – along Rome Rd east of Glen Hill Hwy, with 6 semi-tankers hauling back & forth; also draglining at Wilkinson and Hoddinot, both sides of the road. In Hudson Township, horrendous emissions fromHartland Farms CAFO manure application on a sloping field, drains to Bear Crk, corner of Cadmus Rd and Hughes Hwy. Neighbors downwind report eye-watering, “hair-stinking” emissions; it’s really overpowering, just driving by. 
hartland1 hartland2 hartland3
April 24, 2014 – Fierce emissions from this Hartland Farms manure application, Cadmus & Hughes.

April 22 – Bleich CAFO draglining field across from the facility, east side of US-127. Drivers can’t miss the stench.

3-1-14 – Stinks along Morey Hwy from Bakerlads black manure on snow, upslope of South Branch of River Raisin.

3-1-14 – Warner manure on snow-covered fields, Pentecost Hwy, close-up

2-25-14 – Warner manure on snow-covered fields, Pentecost Hwy.

2-20-14 – rain falling on Bakerlads CAFO manure application, Cadmus Rd

2-20-14 – rain on Hartland Farms CAFO manure, on snow-covered, frozen fields, Cadmus Rd

Feb 19 – with sudden warm-up, and significant rain in the forecast, Hartland Farms CAFO is applying manure on snow, not a safe practice.

Feb 4 – Hartland Farms still applying manure on snow.
2-4-14 – Hartland Farms manure on snow & frozen ground, Beecher & Hughes Hwy.

Jan 31 – winter application of CAFO manure continues: Hartland Farms; and Bleich CAFO, along US-127 north of the facility.
1-31-14 – Hartland Farms application of manure on snow-covered ground, Beecher & Hughes Hwy.

1-31-14 – Bleich Dairy CAFO manure along US-127 north of Forrister Rd.