Stench Alerts – 2016

Stench Alerts 2016

Bakerlads Practice: Dragline manure injection application on no-till field

May 17, 2017

Bakerlads dragline manure injection application on no-till field, 5.17.17, east side of Morey between Plank and Beecher, Dover Twp., S. Branch, Raisin, watershed Bakerlads dragline manure injection application on no-till field, 5.17.17, east side of Morey between Plank and Beecher, Dover Twp., S. Branch, Raisin, watershed

Liquid Manure, Drain Tiles, and Boosting Dissolved Phosphorus


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Gut wrenching stench on Cadmus: Hartland Farms; Neighborly Waste Disposal?

October 30, 2016

"A Good Neighbor increases the Value of your Property" (Nebraska Czech)
Unless you live in Lenawee County!

Hartland Farms "Free" Waste Disposal

As reported: "Truly nauseating, hair and clothing clinging stench from manure lagoon
solids first stockpiled and then spread on Merilatt fields by Hartland
Farms the last few days. I visited Cadmus today and could hardly...

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Filth All Around from Dairy CAFOs: Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County, MI

October 12, 2016

Resident Reports Spreading of Filth in Pittsford Township, MI (Hillsdale County) 10/10/16

Tankers coming and going from Milk Source' Hudson Dairy (verified by following tankers back to Hudson Dairy) every 2 - 4 minutes from 2pm on way to Hudson until well into evening. 3 tankers at a time were observed on the field between Nye and Elm at 2pm. Continual draglining...

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Hartland Farms (MI) applying Liquid Waste – Air Monitor Shows Hydrogen Sulfide levels dangerous

September 2, 2016

The Stench from Hartland Farms applying liquid waste on 9/1/2016 is dangerous for pregnant women, elderly and residents trying to breathe, particularly those with respiratory challenges. Today's waste application is on Hay field, Northwest corner of Beecher and Henning Highway. Wind gusts 14 mph, NNE.

Hartland Farms applying Waste near Clayton MI, 9/1/2016 HIgh Hydrogen...</p>
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Overwhelming Stench in 90+ temps: Some close windows in Lenawee or Hillsdale Counties

August 4, 2016

Locals Closing Windows: Suffering in Heat as tankers haul CAFOs' waste in Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties, Michigan

If you live nearby any of the locations listed below, monitor your family's health as Hydrogen Sulfide & Ammonia exposure are dangerous. Seek Medical Attention immediately if you have any of these symptoms (Agency for Toxic Substances).

Locations of tankers hauling to fields for waste application:

On August...

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33,110 PPB: Hydrogen Sulfide levels Exceed OSHA Permissible Levels 6/2/16

June 3, 2016

H2S Levels in Outdoor Air Detected at Danger Levels Exceeding OSHA Worker Safety

Air monitoring equipment detected Hydrogen sulfide levels measured outdoors on the morning of 6/2/16 of 33,110 ppb. These levels in Lenawee County, Michigan exceeded US Army Corp of Engineers Permissible Exposure Levels on 6/2/16. Breathing at these high levels are considered dangerous.

Ambient air concentrations due to natural sources are...

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CAFO Waste Emissions exceed EPA standards: Memorial Day Wkend 2016

May 31, 2016

Emissions exceed EPA & CDC guidelines
Air Pollution at exceedingly high levels

Memorial Day Weekend was a toxic one for rural areas of Lenawee County, Michigan. Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions jumped from 1800 ppm to 5870 ppb (Parts per billion) after CAFO waste was spread on adjacent land. This is over 82 times the Acute level of exposure (See image below). Generally, outdoor areas that are not exposed to...

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Air Pollution: Lenawee Rural county exceeds Texas, Iowa, NE standards

May 27, 2016

On a weekend where Michigan has the highest ozone levels in the country, local compliance monitoring shows dangerously high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide levels: 1800 PPB (1.8 ppm).
Action: Michigan DEQ must begin monitoring Air Quality in South Central Michigan in the interest of protecting public health.

These levels dramatically exceed the Science Advisory Board (SAB) recommended proposed Ambient...

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Health Warning: Dangerous levels in Lenawee County due to Emissions

May 27, 2016

Lenawee Warning - Dangerous Health Impacts after Manure Application

Manure waste applications by Hartland Farms in the last week has led to nearby Lenawee County neighbor visiting physician and receiving cephalosporin antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. 

Symptoms of exposure to this waste are:
Burning Sinuses
Sore throat
Earache both ears
Please seek medical treatment if you are experiencing...

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Danger Lenawee County: Hydrogen Sulfide Gas emissions

May 23, 2016

[caption id="attachment_1835" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Hydrogen Sulfide Levels 5.20.2016 Indoor air following liquid waste surface application by Hartland Farms Dairy: 40 PPM is double ceiling limit set by OSHA Hydrogen Sulfide Danger after liquid waste surface application by Hartland Farms Dairy, air levels = 40 PPB   5/20/2016[/caption]

Toxic Levels of H2S = Danger for Lenawee Families

On 5/20/2016,...

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