Hartland Farms: Spewing raw livestock sewage on fields

Spewing Raw Livestock Sewage – Another Breakfast on the Farm 5/17/17

Hartland Dragooning of Liquid Manure Hartland dragline 5.17.17 North side of Cadmus between Morey and Hughes Hwys

Hartland Farms is down-right spewing raw livestock sewage, back and forth all across the field just like this, no carefully calibrated applicator so no idea of actual rate or amount blasting out, using a dragline that stretches over the fields, under the road through the culvert, and back to Hartland’s lagoon.

One must question whether proper agronomic rate can be measures with this type of application.

Stench/emiisions are affecting those living nearby the north side of Cadmus Rd. between Morey and Hughes Highways.

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